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What is topic of the month?

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Join us each month with a new topic in relation to the Hospitality Industry. Alysha Brooks, host and Director of Development, will find people to help answer questions about everyday issues we encouter while running our businesses. All the guest speakers will be IFSEA members! 

The best part? Watch LIVE by joining the call! 

Each Topic of the Month will be recorded over Zoom so anyone can jump on and ask a question or simply watch the call live!

How do I ask a question?

There are two ways to ask a Topic of the Month Question!

Submit a question online! 

  1. Click here to submit a question on this page! 
  2. Then you may join the call and hear the answer OR watch the replay on our YouTube Channel. 
  3. You may choose to be anonymous or we can say your name on-air! 

Ask a Question On-Air! 

  1. Simply join the call here. 
  2. In the chat feature (at the bottom of your screen, it looks like a talk bubble), type in the question you would like to ask. 
  3. You can choose to also submit a question in the chat but request for the host to ask it.  
  4. Each person will be called out and will have a chance to ask their question!

Watch past videos!

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All videos are recorded via Zoom and uploaded to our YouTube Channel! Subscribe Today!


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Scheduled for February! Details Coming Soon!


Scheduled for March! Details Coming Soon!

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Q& A with Glenn Beatty 

NEW Global Meetup President!

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Submit a question!

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Can't be on the call? Too shy to ask over the air? No problem! Simply submit your question below and we can ask it for you!

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