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We want all of our members to be involved. Our members come from all segments of the industry, including dietitians, chefs, purchasing agents, educators, designers, sales and much more. They work in schools, restaurants, health care, casinos and the U.S. armed forces. 

IFSEA is not only an organization but a community filled with bright ideas! Our mentors want to help our future by giving them the tools they need to succedd and keep our industry ALIVE!

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Frequently-asked questions

Who are the mentors? Our mentors are required to be experts in the industry. They must have at least 15 years of experience in the segment their representing.

Is there a cost? IFSEA Members asking for mentorship are guaranteed 2 hours of consulting. After the two hours, it's at the discretion of the mentor if there will be a cost based on the type of questions you need answered. 

What can I ask my mentor? You may request information in any topic needed such as suggestions on fryers, calculating food cost or even how to get a loan for a new business. 

What if the mentor can't answer my questions? Being in a large organization, mentors will be able to direct you to another mentor or someone in the organization that may be able to assist you. 

May I choose to pay my mentor? Absoultely! Our mentors will gladly take donations for their services. The donations are split among the Kae DeBrent Hodges Fund, the Homeless Veteran's training program and the Worthy Goal Scholarship fund. 

Who decides who is a mentor? Mr. Bill May is the Chairman of the Mentorship Program. 

*Disclaimer: Mentors and mentees are having private conversations. IFSEA is not held responsible for any actions resulting from this program. We suggest all mentees review the advice given and make a educated decisions.*