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Meet Kathleen “Kat” Willis, new IFSEA board member, foodservice professional and a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Army.

With a master’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneur Management, a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management and earning four other diplomas she received while in the military, Kat has knowledge and skills in several areas of the industry that she would love to share with others.

Currently, she is the owner/operator of The Filling Station in Fort Belvoir, Virginia in the Missile Defense Agency Building. In December of 2017 she began managing the location after co-owning the establishment under the name Café Tiny’s which was contracted through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). When the contract ended, Kat says she “started working as a single agent. “


Prior to leaving the military and running the two restaurant operations, she was a member of the United States Army. While serving, she was a Food Service Manager (92G), she says she “was in a special assignment working as an Enlisted Aide to the Senior Leadership of the Army.”

Kat adds, “I was the household manager for the Generals. I planned, coordinated and executed all events at their homes.”

Can you imagine that type of pressure?!

On top of the several diplomas Kat has worked hard to receive, she has 20+ foodservice certifications ranging from Master Certified Foodservice Professional to Food Service Contract Management to Top Secret Security Clearance.

We are so beyond excited to have Kat Willis on our board. Her motivation, experience and enormous amount of knowledge, she will be a huge asset to our growing organization.

When I asked Kat what she hoped to contribute to the organization, this was her response:

-   “I plan to help IFSEA by getting additional members to join so that we can have a mass spread of Foodservice knowledge throughout the land.

-       I plan to share the knowledge that I have to incorporate small business by giving zoom classes or what IFSEA feels is the best way to share the knowledge.

-       As a board member I will make myself available to IFSEA at all times.

-       I want to also learn from the leadership of IFSEA so that I can also assist the organization to be better and achieve all goals and tasks.”

Kat, thank you for being a part of the oldest hospitality organization, we can’t wait to exchange ideas with you and learn more about your story!

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