What we do 

IFSEA is here to help our industry grow! We know that in order to grow our hospitality professionals need to constantly advance. Our organization is made up of people in all sectors of the hospitality industry. 

We have several services below that can help our members and their businesses move forward.

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Business Resources

Are you looking for a distributor, training or consulting? Check out our Business Resources which is a list of our member's businesses and employers.

Job Openings/Internship Opportunities

Members are able to submit their job openings to our website. We will then list the opportunity on our website and share it on our social media pages.


The future of the hospitality industry is attending high school and colleges as we speak. Any student that is currently attending college for hospitality or plans to can apply for our scholarships. 


If you ask any successful professional they will tell you the secret to getting ahead is "all about who you know." Through IFSEA, members can network through zoom meetups and our Members Only Facebook Community Page.


Do not let pride interfere with learning more! Our members can become mentors or look for a mentor with IFSEA. We help you find someone that can answer your individual questions.