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Stories from our Members

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Use these stories to talk about IFSEA and what this organization will do for them.

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Alysha Brooks, Director of Development:

“In 2012, I joined IFSEA as a student at Morrisville State College. That year the club was going to go to a conference in San Diego, California and I had been dreaming of visiting Cali my whole life! My only intention was to soak in all the sun and see the Pacific Ocean, I had no idea my life was going to change FOREVER. As we began attending seminars, I felt a feeling I had never felt before - belonging. Every single person introduced themselves with a smile, wanted to know my goals and plans, gave me advice, told me stories and made me feel a part of something. I left that conference excited! My passion for the industry kept growing each year I was a part of IFSEA. To this day, I have several mentors through this incredible organizations that cares about me and my career.

            When I was asked to be the Director of Development, I was terrified! What could I do? This organization is incredible, and I was unsure how I could make an impact. What I learned was this, IFSEA gives you a free space to be creative, to try ideas, to think outside the box and to get ideas from like-minded people.

            I thank IFSEA every day for the confidence, knowledge and love they have shown me and continue to show me as I move forward in my path in life.”

Jaynee Peterson, Board of Director:

“My grandfather founded R.L. Schreiber. He was a veteran and a great salesman. A personal goal I always had was to help the company explore doing business with the military as I know it would be my grandpa's greatest honor.

When I joined the family business, upon looking through old photo albums and different pieces of history, I came across an award he received from IFSEA. Having never heard of this organization before and having been on the lookout for organizations to join and begin networking with, I looked up IFSEA's website and filled out a form to request more information.

Ed wrote back. He and I did not know each other, as I was four when my grandpa passed away. After a few emails back and forth, Ed put the connection together and figured out who I was. He replied back changing the subject line of our email thread to, "You Just Met One of Your Grandpa's Favorite People in the World!" From there, we became great friends too, got together for lunch with the whole Schreiber family, and Ed and I began strategizing on how we could help each other. He invited me to attend the Military Culinary Competition he put on in D.C. I attended and was introduced to many great contacts. I kept in touch with the contacts I met at the Military Culinary Competition and began attending more military events across the country. After bringing information from these events back to our company, we eventually began conversations with one of those contacts to try and get our products approved for sale to the military, and recently we were approved! I am very proud to have helped my company discover this opportunity and I owe it to Ed and IFSEA for allowing me to learn and get an initial introduction to the possibilities that are out there.”

Ed Manley, Chairman of Interested and Involved People (CIIP):

            “As a hospital food service director, I reached out to and hired the S. Florida Branch President and President-Elect as my chef and assistant. Every time I needed a chef spot filled, I would again get my IFSEA buddies to put out the word and find great employees.”

David Kinney, IFSEA Headquarters Treasurer and Secretary:

“IFSEA provided me an education in the foodservice and hospitality industries as I entered the industries later in life. I learned from many members going back to Vince Paris and encountering many more members throughout the the years. The ongoing education, certification and conferences all provided great opportunities to advance my knowledge and experiences.”

Richard Weil, Chairman of the Board:

“Networking, business and personal relationships throughout the 38 plus years I have been a member plus invaluable experiences in working with food service professionals and so many other wonderful people all these years. Being chairman of the board has been a wonderful and humbling experience.”

Mario Bonanos, President of the IFSEA Las Vegas So-Cal Branch:

“IFSEA has helped me network and get the proper certifications as a chef. I am excited to take on the role as now a president of the Las Vegas So-Cal Branch.”