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Start a Branch

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We strongly encourage that you begin with hosting meetups, this will show potential members what IFSEA is and help them see what IFSEA can do for them.

Even as a branch we don’t require you to have bylaws and boards but if that is what you want, then we will gladly support your efforts and help you achieve success.

The only requirement - you must have 15 signed up as members to be considered an IFSEA Branch.

Once you have 15 people signed up Headquarters will ensure you are listed on the membership portal for others to join as well.

We have paper applications for anyone who doesn’t have access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

When you have branch you can host meetups via zoom or in person. IFSEA can and will assist with marketing these meetups for you on our social media platforms.

Through branches you can develop projects to help your community and the hospitality industry. Such as:

  1. 1.     Assisting homeless veterans
  2. 2.     Teach and certify
  3. 3.     Support the local food bank
  4. 4.     Adopt a student branch at a local school