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Host a Meetup

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With meetups there are no agendas, no speeches, no bylaws - it’s a gathering for like-minded people to network and talk!

 Here are some suggestions by Mr. Ed Manley (Chair-Elect Emeritius) of how to get a meetup started:

1.     Approach a restaurant or bar, find out if any would be willing to give your group a discount if they bring 10 or more people to their establishment for a meetup.

2.     No host payment - everyone pays for their own food and drinks

3.     Tell everyone it’s open invitation, friends can invite friends.

4.     At the meeting you can bring up IFSEA is different ways:

  • a.     Have signage and a table that has information about IFSEA
  • b.     Stop at some point in the night and welcome everyone, talk about the history of IFSEA and how to join
  • c.     Collect emails and send them information about IFSEA
  • d.     Talk about it leisurely with the guests

5.     Ask if others are willing to host a meetup as well or see if everyone is happy meeting in the same place

6.     If you get 15 people signed up - you have a branch

Meetups are FUN! We suggest you make them for everyone and not just members only. Once they network with locals at the meetups and become a member, they will begin to network with others in the organization via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Meetups thrown by other IFSEA members throughout the country and by Zoom calls.

Through meetups you can develop projects to help your community and the hospitality industry. Such as:

  1. 1. Assisting homeless veterans
  2. 2. Teach and certify
  3. 3. Support the local food bank
  4. 4. Adopt a student branch at a local school