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This is a private Facebook Group created to help IFSEA members get all the benefits of being a member.

How it works:

1.     Individual becomes a paid IFSEA Member

2.     They will either be invited or will receive a link to the page to request to be a part of the community (link below)

3.     They will be asked to answer three questions:

  • a.     Are you a paid IFSEA Member?
  • b.     Where do you work?
  • c.     What type of information do you hope to see in this group?

4.     Once they have been approved into the group (if you are invited by an admin, you will be automatically approved) they will be a part of a welcome post that tells them all the ways they will benefit from the page.

5.     The benefits include: Networking with everyone within the group, posting job opens, being a mentor or finding a mentor, industry news and information, and going through the units to take advantage of the benefits.

6.     The units are setup in a specific order, the members will be asked to start at the beginning and complete each. By doing all the items they will see all the benefits of being a member. As we grow their will be more units added. Right now, the units are:

  • a.     Connecting with all IFSEA Social Media accounts
  • b.     Signing up for Certifications
  • c.     Signing up to be a mentor or finding a mentor
  • d.     Applying and/or donating to scholarships
  • e.     Sign up for an IFSEA Networking Zoom Call (coming soon)
  • f.      Host a Meetup (coming soon)
  • g.     Create a branch (coming soon)

7.     Whether members complete the units or not they will be able to post hospitality related content including promotions as long as it pertains to hospitality

8.     Admins and moderators will ensure a friendly atmosphere is accomplished

Link to invite paid members: www.facebook.com/groups/ifseamembers