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How to sign up!

There are two sides to every resume - Certifications & Education on one side and Experience on the other.
We are partnered with the Foodservice Institute and Global Foodservice Institute
to offer you four certifications that will help you stand out from the rest. 


Master Certified Food Executive 

Our Most Prestigious Level Certification for Food Service Operators. 

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Certified Food Executive 

Created for Top-Level Executives and Managers in Food Service. 

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Certified Food Manager

CMS approved for food managers in nursing homes and long-term care.

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Certified Food Associate

CFA is aimed at high school students or recent graduates. 

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Here's How it works in 1-2-3-4 easy steps!

step 1: Exam proctor

YOU MUST HAVE A PROCTOR  - This is someone who will watch you take the test to ensure its integrity. 

Please read the Proctoring Standards Agreement and have your proctor sign up before moving onto Step 2. 

Exam Proctors

step 2: Code of ethics

As the examinee you must read and agree to the examinee code of ethics. 

examinee code of ethics

After you read the Examinee Code of Ethics, please send us an email that says you have completed the first two steps.

email your agreement

step 3: pay 

Pay for your certification!

Choose which certification you would like to take. Once we recieve your agreement from step 2 and payment we will send you a the Test Access Code. 


Step 4: Begin Training

Your Test Access Code will take you to the training and give you access to your test. 

Once you click "Begin Now" below, select the certification logo and enter your code to begin. 

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more certifications

Check out more certifications our partner has to offer!

IFSEA Members will recieve a discount for all certifications offered! 

More Certifications 

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want to get certified?

We understand that COVID-19 has caused a financial hardship on many people.
We also know that right now is the best time to get certified and update your resume! 
Contact our Certification Chair, Ed Manley, to find out how to get certified today and pay later!

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Additional Information 

The Certification Test Review Board is comprised of chefs, managers and restaurant owners. 

REview Board

Read testmonials from those who recieved
jobs, promotions, raises and motivation! 


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